James Lucal, Ph.D.

James Lucal, Ph.D.

Visiting Faculty

Professional title:
Independent Artist, Trainer and Educator

About Yourself:
My work with people and organizations orbits the central themes of creative expression, meaningful interaction and experiential learning. As a theater artist/organizational consultant with Threshold Ensemble I bring sensitivity and full-bodied expression to the facilitation and enactment of personal stories. As a university educator and trainer in the fields of counseling psychology, human systems theory and somatic awareness I enliven the classroom with diverse modalities aimed at long-range learning grounded in the present moment.

How does your experience with OSR impact you?
Every time I walk into OSR I meet an engaged group searching for the WAY FORWARD, personally and collectively. It’s an exciting place to be. I’m inspired by the commitment and high standards of the faculty and the maturity and enthusiasm of the students.

A story from an interaction with an OSR student that exemplifies OSR’s mission or the impact that OSR is having in the world:
A friend of the family went through the OSR program a few years ago. Her training as a statistician/biologist measuring impacts on ecological systems did not prepare her well for influencing co-workers and collateral systems and running meetings. During her OSR program she developed interpersonal confidence and leadership skills that are now serving her very well as she moves into a wider scope of work in her field.

After graduate training in psychology at Antioch University Seattle I embarked on a counseling career specializing in psychodramatic role-playing in group therapy contexts. Along the way I discovered Playback Theater, which involves the spontaneous enactment of personal stories by trained actors. This form of drama lives at the intersection of psychology and the theater arts and soon became central for me. In the early 90’s I began teaching in Antioch University’s Master’s in Psychology program and Western Washington University’s Human Services baccalaureate program. In 1995 I finished a Ph.D. titled Emergent Drama: Renewal in Human Systems. By 1998 teaching, training and performing had become my primary professional activities.