Matt Smith

Visiting Faculty

In crowded rooms, I help people reinterpret their sets of facts, so as to alter staid courses and open avenues for constructive action. I do this in boardrooms, classrooms, theaters, and at fundraising events. I pretend to be flexible and open as I do this. This makes me more flexible and open. I teach those tools.

Here’s what gets me out of bed: My relationship with Hanford Challenge and dozens of other groups that make a difference around here, supporting arts, schools, justice, and children and adults in need. I have been working with OSR for 19 years, which connects me hundreds of people who think ahead. I met Tom Carpenter at OSR 7 (I think). He runs Hanford Challenge, dedicated to the clean up of the Hanford Nuclear Waste site. Over several years I have been a part of their efforts to raise money and build awareness. They have taken what seemed like a hopeless, untouchable cause and made it hip. They make supporting whistleblowers and hiring lobbyists fun. And they are making a tangible difference. OSR has a lot of Tom Carpenters, and I get to hang with them.

Matt Smith is a performance artist, fundraising auctioneer, writer, improv teacher, trainer and a film actor. He brings the principles of improvisation to places where they have never been articulated.

Screen credits include Outsourced, Sleepless in Seattle, and KING TV’s Almost Live. Solo performances include My last Year with the Nuns, Helium and All My Children, which was recently selected for the Encore Series at FringeNYC. He is a partner with Cookus Interruptus, the popular web based cooking show where healthy meets funny.