Victoria Castle, MSC

Victoria Castle, MSC

Visiting Faculty

I help leaders be at their best under pressure…where leaders live. As I see it, there are two elements that generate our experience: the stories we tell ourselves and how we embody those stories. Organizations, like people, have stories that shape their actions. My work includes somatics and the ontology of language which address that “shaping” and how to reshape awareness and behavior for the sake of fulfilling on what matters.

Rather than being caught in reaction or survival mode, somatic/embodiment practices create a new basis for action based on choice. My book, The Trance of Scarcity, addresses our cultural pre-disposition to lack and struggle and offers practices for embodying (not just conceptualizing) ease and effectiveness. The more people are at ease, the more available they are to make their contribution to the world.

Speaker, Teacher, Author “The Trance of Scarcity” Berrett-Koehler 2007, member of Comedy Island Improv Troupe. 30 years of experience working with organizations and individuals to increase innovation, authenticity, effectiveness, and fulfillment.

BA in Communication
Certified Master Somatic Coach, Strozzi Institute, CA
International clients include Hewlett-Packard, ATT, Levi Strauss,
Microsoft, Capital One, Allianz, multiple non-profits and individuals
Rigorous practicality and seasoned sense of humor