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The primary aim of the OSR Program is to provide each student with the opportunity to achieve excellence in the design and leadership of thriving organizations. The program combines academic knowledge (theory), skill (action), and personal mastery (self as instrument) into a foundation for practical action in the world.


Through the knowledge component of OSR, students build a theoretical and conceptual foundation for organization systems renewal work from any position in or outside the organization or community. The knowledge component of the curriculum focuses on the growing body of organizational and complex systems theories and their potential application to organizational work. Major topics include: leadership, systems, design, inquiry, change, gestalt, group dynamics, collaboration and teaming, organization theory, culture, and living systems.

Personal Mastery

OSR believes that one’s effectiveness in the world is highly related to how one engages with the world. Through reflective writing and focused feedback, students engage in the process of personal growth and increased self-awareness. This aspect of the OSR program has the potential to be the most transformative, and therefore, the most valuable in creating the congruence of mind, body, heart, and spirit.


The skill component of OSR challenges students to develop and demonstrate the skills needed to be effectively exercise leadership. Portions of the curriculum are heavily focused toward hands-on skill development in the areas of inquiry, listening, giving and receiving feedback, leadership, systems thinking, design thinking, collaboration, facilitation, contracting, consultation, and intervention.

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Students become instruments of innovation, renewal, health and wholeness.

Be the difference you want for your world by enrolling in the OSR at Pinchot Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership Program.

The program is the only one of its kind in the country. This two-year, cohort-based master’s program provides you the opportunity to achieve excellence in the field of Organization Development and as a designer and leader of change within your organization and community.

What will I do with the program?

Graduates earning a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership will be able to:

  • Improve performance — Engage the whole organizational system to clarify purpose and align resources toward a preferred and sustainable future.
  • Reframe “problem solving” — Using systems and design thinking, identify the key issues and dynamics of complex organizational systems and then intervene by “disturbing” the system to achieve desired results that are sustainable by impacting culture.
  • Design and lead change — Use ambiguity, tension, chaos, and creative engagement as resources to lead participants of the whole system to co-create a preferred future that pulls, rather than pushes, them to realize their shared vision.
  • Facilitate productive communication — Design and lead effective meetings, contract for clear and clean feedback, and work with conflict as energy to be assigned.
  • Develop collaboration — Help their organization achieve results greater than the sum of the individual contributions by learning to be better together.
  • Engage diverse perspectives — Grow an organization that is more adaptable, resilient, creative, and sustainable by having participants fully present and respecting the diverse gifts they each bring.
  • Build organizational culture — Embrace individual and organizational learning, encourage individuals to fully “show up” in their work with their mind, heart and body.
  • Use of self as an instrument for change – Intervene in human systems with the competence and confidence to shift systems to higher levels of functionality, health and wholeness.
  • Contribute to a just and humane world — Be of service by appreciating, attending to and ethically serving your own community and the world at large.

What difference has the program made in people’s lives?

Program participants often come from work environments where they face numerous challenges:

  • Getting results without having positional authority,
  • Leading cross-functional and/or globally diverse teams,
  • Collaborating with others to create a vision, and
  • Leading organizational change in an environment fraught with complexity and ambiguity.

Through the OSR at Pinchot Masters program, students increase their competence in consulting and contracting skills, resulting in greater flexibility in the work place and their ability to be effective in a variety of difficult contexts.

Program participants also gain a clearer understanding of their work goals and of themselves, and they acquire the theory base and skills useful in managing their own personal and/or career transformation. In the process, they gain a sense of personal mastery both within their chosen work place and in their personal lives. They experience collaborative work and have numerous opportunities to reflect on their learnings.

Core Faculty

Faculty consider themselves co-learners with students and collaborate with them in creating and maintaining a learning community. Advisers focus on the student’s success in their interactions with them and in all aspects of their relationship.

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